I think most of my songs find a sense of place and a home here in the Adirondacks, but I hope they are not limited to or by any one place. The songs are simple lyrical stories, rich in images that link the universals of the natural beauty of rural northern landscapes and the people who inhabit them to whatever else I happen to be singing about. My first CD, Yellow Balloon, was released in 2003 at BluSeed studios in Saranac Lake, NY, and my second CD, So Many Seasons, was released in June 2006 at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts (with special guest Roy Hurd). On both albums I am joined by many other wonderful musicians.

I have been lucky enough to perform solo and with wonderful musicians (Buzzy Rickard, Mike Portal, Mary Lou Reid, Sue Grimm, George Viscome, Jeff Couture, John Doan, John Foster, Daun Reuter, Keith Gorgas, and others) and amazing singer/songwriters (Roy Hurd, Jamie Savage, Bruce Brough, Dan Berggren, Becky Sutter and Peggy Lynn). The work and generosity of other musicians makes my songs and my experience so much richer!

I released my third album in September of 2010 . The album is entitled Hardwood and is a collection of mostly gratitude songs, in one way or another. The great bulk of the work was done at the studio of my friend and great drummer, Buzzy Rickard, and finished up at HurdSongs Studios with my friend and musical hero, Roy Hurd. It was reviewed in Fourth Coast Entertainment Magazine in November 2010 and reported to be a “must listen for those who love heartfelt folk” by musician Keith Gorgas. It was a long time coming and, as usual, was made possible with the help of wonderful musicians.

In August of 2012, The Road hit the road with a really fun CD release party at the Paul Smiths College VIC. I have loved every project, but I think this has been the most fulfilling. I recorded it at Roy’s studio. By sharing his musical gift with me and understanding my style and feelings about the music I write, the production is fantasitic and the process was so rewarding. Again, an amazing and generous group of local and not-so-local musician perform on the album. I hope you will give it a listen. It has been reviewed already and so far the reviews have been kind.

Canis LaTrans wrote: “On The Road, Celia Evans sheds her skin as merely an 'Adirondack singer/songwriter.' Her lyrics speak to universal observations and emotions. These twelve postcards from the Road of Life touch on philosophy, romance, and child rearing, with a healthy dose of nature sprinkled in.”

I hope to get a few more reviews up soon, and hope they are even partially as nice!! Don’t hesitate to contact me using the e-mail address in the contact section.

P.S. I am a Professor of Ecology at Paul Smith’s College, and conduct forest ecology and science education research with my students and colleagues. My work gets me into the beautiful places that help inspire my soul and songs. I live in the northeastern Adirondacks, in a big old green house with my wonderful daughters, Elsa and Willa, our dog, Carson, our remaining cat Filly (short for Filmore – though she is a girl)

Be Well and Happy,