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The best way to purchase CDs is through the mail, using a personal check or money order. CDs are $15 each. For a limited time, you can order the whole set for $45. Download, print out and complete the attached order form and send it to:

Celia Evans
P.O. Box 161
Paul Smiths, NY 12970

CDs are also available at Ampersound Music in Saranac Lake, The Bookstore Plus in Lake Placid, the Paul Smiths VIC, and online at CD Baby.
  1. Just Because
  2. Chickadee
  3. The Road
  4. I Still Believe
  5. Doppelganger
  6. Grace
  7. Romance
  8. More Than One Good Way
  9. It's Not You
  10. Hopeful Landscape
  11. Hold On
  12. In The Company Of Adirondack Women

  1. Comin' Home to Me
  2. Rich in These Things
  3. Eva
  4. Loud And Clear
  5. Water Over the Dam
  6. Hard Habit to Break
  7. Tribute
  8. Hardwood
  9. Mother's Son
  10. Photographic Flair
  11. Almost Everything
  12. Great Northwoods Cowboy

  1. Into the Night
  2. Reap What You Sow
  3. Cottonstone Mountain
  4. Lucy
  5. Sledgehammer and Fog
  6. The Tracker
  7. Froggie Song
  8. Feels Like Coming Home
  9. Yellow Balloon
  10. Funnel Cloud
  11. Sure of Me

  1. Walk Softly in the Springtime
  2. I'm Coming Down
  3. Elsi
  4. Henry and Jo
  5. Wyoming
  6. Hijita
  7. Stone Soup
  8. Trickle Down
  9. I've Got a Love
  10. Autumn Waltz
  11. Adirondack Hills
  12. Write Songs
  13. Fairy Tales and Shadows
  14. Going Nowehere Fast
  15. Fly to Me
  16. Ode to the Toll Road
  17. Winter Song
  18. Spring Song

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